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Liquid Fix Bartending Logo Desing

Liquid Fix


Client: Bartender.
Design: Logo for bartender. Simple, clean, sophisticated. The Logo is playful using the cocktail glass to formed U of the text.

Voltech Electric Logo Design

Voltech Electric


Client: Voltech Electric.
Design: The Voltech Electic logo commands immediate recognition. It creates a nostalgic feel. It reminds you of a time where an old fashion service meant something. Old and Yung alike can quickly identify the good old fashion serves symbol, quality represented by the five star stamp of approval.

Dream Catcher Yachts 1

Dream Catcher Yachts


Client: Dream Catcher Yachts. Design: One of three logos designed for yacht company our of Long beach.

Dream Catcher Yachts

J Mitchell


Client: J Mitchell Design.
Design: Logo for interior decorator. This logo portrays a classy, modern yet traditional feel with elegant sophistication.

Ata Jewelry Logo Design

Avinati Jewelry


Client: Avianti Jewelers.
Design: ATA is a jewelry line for Avianti jewelry design. The design combines the three initials of the owners.

New Horizon Nursing Care Logo design

New Horizon Nursing Care


Client: New Horizon Nursing Care.
Design: New logo for a start up nursing care company based in LA. The design was intended to convoys loving and safe service that the company often provides that may be lacking in some nursing home environments.

Quintus Logo design

Quintus investment counsel


Client: Quintus Investment Counsel.
Design: Logo combines the traditional strong brand elements with a fresh contemporary look. As such the logo had to convey growth for this wealth management firm, creating trust and new approach to investment.

Parasol Blue Logo

Parasol Blue


Client: Parasol Blue. Bakery. The Brand is both solid and playful with a French flare that clientele would find impossible to resist. Design: Blue, red and green were the chosen colors. Blue and Green is the pure, reliable and peaceful side of the brand. Red is the excitement the logo intends to transmit. These colors evoke childhood feeling of fun.

Slo Life Realty group Logo design

SLO Life Realty


Client: Real Estate Company.
Design: The color palette aims to reinforce the company’s identity as a local source for high end Real Estate. Incorporating earth tones helps clients associate the brand with the San Luis Obispo landscape.

Martel realestate solutions logo



Client: Martel real estate inc. Design: Inspiration was taken from a building. The M representing the roof with a clear distinct slate gray. The architectural elements, combined with the geometric shapes, create the Martel Brand.



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